Winners or Whiners?

When the twelve spies returned from scouting the Promised Land, they were (unevenly) divided in their outlook. Ten saw the strength of Canaan’s people and said, “We are not able to go up…” Two had faith in God’s promise and said, “We should by all means go up…” (Numbers 13). To put it simply, Joshua and Caleb were winners; the other spies were whiners. And sadly, because Israel paid more attention to the whiners, a whole generation missed out on the promise.

The following list is adapted from a piece that appeared in a business magazine; I think it applies well to our responsibilities and challenges as we work together as a local church. Are you a winner or a whiner?

  • The winner is always a part of the solution. The whiner is always a part of the problem.
  • The winner always makes an effort. The whiner always makes an excuse.
  • The winner says, “I’ll do that.” The whiner says, “That’s not my job.”
  • The winner seeks out an answer for every problem. The whiner seeks out a problem in every answer.
  • The winner sees challenges as opportunities. The whiner sees them as obstacles.
  • The winner says, “It may be difficult, but with God’s help, it’s possible.” The whiner says, “It may be possible, but it’s too difficult.”
  • The winner is controlled by faith and a focus on God. The whiner is controlled by fear and a focus on self.

Which sounds more like you? And if everyone else in this church followed your lead, what would happen?